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  • All our products are packaged to perfection! Could make a perfect gift for Xmas. In this picture is the amazing Anti-Slash #Scarf with Dyneema Lining.
  • We have been asked this question a lot and we want to clarify that the garments are not stab proof. We always recommend that if confronted with a knife the best thing to do is run or get into a building where there are other people (Shop for example). If you can’t get away the best way to defend yourself is to grab the knife by the blade to keep it away from your body. Clearly to do this with bare hands would cause terrible damage but if you are wearing a pair of cut resistant gloves you will be to do this without damaging your hands. To view our range of gloves check the link in our bio.
  • Add a level of protection to your life with Bladerunner Anti-Slash Clothing. Click the link in bio to view latest hoodies. #FeelSafe
  • Check out our range of teenage hoodies by clicking the link in our bio, the hoodies are lined with Dupont and Kevlar. Not only adding a  level of protection but they keep you nice and warm in the winter months!
  • RAZORWIRE ANTI-SLASH HOODED TOP LINED WITH DUPONT ™ KEVLAR ® In trend, the Razor wire designed hooded top with blade cut and anti-slash protection up to Level 2 (EN388: 2003). Bladerunner anti-slash clothing is designed to be street cool and nothing fits the bill better than this urban designed hoodie. 🚨🚨THE PRODUCT IS NOT STAB-RESISTANT🚨🚨
  • Typical of all Bladerunner anti-slash clothing this just looks street-cool and no one would know that not only does it look good but it also gives you an added layer of safety if anyone ever tries to slash you with a sharp object...
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